Symbolic Meaning as an instigator in Music

Posted by TOC

He will also show examples of his music and how he works with subtle activism and being part of the “society of the spectacle,” both in direction to the ensemble he works with, the audience, the score and to the community.

He will present a work method on how art and specifically music can contribute to social care, in general life and/or in connection with the fellow musicians and performers and the audience.

Mats Gustafsson is a composer and double bass player based in Stockholm. Mats is a member of the organisation Fylkingen, an artist-run venue for contemporary music, performance and art and perhaps one of the oldest venues for this purpose in the world, being around for almost 90 years.

As an artist and performer Mats is working with improvisation and methods of composition, exploring the interaction and connections between the two. Mats Gustafsson holds a masters in jazz composition from the Royal school of music, Stockholm and has also studied contemporary composition in Bucharest, Romania.