Analysis, Theory & Politics of Care in Electronic Arts : Insights from Toolkit of Care Roundtable 2023

ISEA 2023

Toolkit of Care: A Collaborative Network

One of the driving forces behind this discussion was the “Toolkit of Care” (TOC), an interdisciplinary collective comprising creative practitioners, academics, researchers, and arts and crafts organisations. This group is dedicated to exploring creative technologies through the lens of care, forming a “critical network of care” to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The TOC Action’s network aims to harness the collective expertise and technical knowledge of its members, employing creative methods to advance the understanding and methodologies of care within the electronic arts sphere.

Insights from the Roundtable

The roundtable “Analysis, Theory & Politics of Care in Electronic Arts” was expertly introduced by Dr. Marinos Koutsomichalis and Jenny Pickett. It featured contributions from notable figures in the field, including Dr. Mindaugas Gapševičius, Maite Cajaraville, Gisle Froysland, Donna Halford-Lovell, Amble Skuse, Andrew Paterson, Dr. Paola Torres Nuñez del Prado, and Peter Zoig. Dr. Julien Ottavi and Jenny Pickett skillfully moderated the discussion.

During the roundtable, participants delivered talks that delved into the social, political, and economic dimensions of care in the context of media arts projects, curatorial practices, and academic theories. They explored how methodologies of care are implemented or challenged in their creative practices, considering aspects such as accessibility and strategies for the technosphere, cultural and intersectional economics, and aesthetic implications.

This Toolkit of Care roundtable served as a thought-provoking platform for the exploration of care’s role in shaping the future of electronic arts. Following these insightful presentations, a critical discussion unfolded. Experts in contemporary theories of care in economics shared their perspectives, while young researchers raised crucial issues related to accessibility for artists in the realm of electronic arts. Curators also contributed to the conversation by discussing the state of arts funding and the incorporation of care theories in new modes of curation.

ISEA 2023
Donna Holford Lovell.
Amble Skuse