Scheintür - spirits door

Stratos Bichakis

The activities during the time of his residency were the following: develop a DIY software bridge with the Brain to Computer Interface provided by the lab and Supercollider. Perform a number of his own EEG data recordings while practicing mindfulness practices (meditation). Analyse the datasets using Machine learning algorithms (Flucoma toolkit) and investigate techniques to perform sonification. Focus on FFT analysis and Phase Vocoder, spectral manipulation and resynthesis techniques. Develop a set of sonification examples for the performance in SuperCollider. In parallel, he worked on the visual aspects of the performance and developed a number of custom GLSL shaders and a player that he could use during the performance in C++ using the Cinder library. All the software used is open-source and the tools developed will also be shared as open-source toolkits.

On the side, he experimented creating a network of embedded systems (BeagleBone, Raspberry Pi3) in order to accommodate both the sound and visuals, and interfacing with DMX controlled lights. Those experiments were very valuable and show the potential of using such systems in the future to create a permanent installation or provide the possibility to create an instrument platform for introducing a greater interactive layer to the performance. In the end, due to limitations of time, plus performance concerns (embedded systems provide limited computational resources) the embedded systems approach was not used for the final performance. Finally, after the performance, he organised three sessions in which he invited volunteers to participate. During those sessions he repeated his performance as a mindfulness aid and he recorded the EEG data of the participants.